Workshop on Aquatic Sciences Biotechnology

Workshop on Aquatic Sciences Biotechnology

Dear Colleagues and Participants, 

Biotechnological applications in aquatic sciences are among the most frequently used methods both in the sector and in academia. Biotechnology-based approaches have a wide range of use, from aquatic microbiology to algal biotechnology, from aquaculture to diseases of aquatic organisms, from fish genetics to product development. On the other hand, priority is given in the biotechnological researches for the solution of problems related to climate change, which became more evident in the last years. 

Since “water” and “aquatic organisms” are subjects of many inter-disciplinary scientific research studies, biotechnology and molecular-based studies provide an opportunity to the researchers from diverse disciplines to work together. With this aim, a two-day workshop on May 10-11, 2018 was scheduled under the organization of Istanbul University Faculty of Aquatic Sciences with the participation of researchers from various academic units where the “biotechnological methods” are used and studies on “Aquatic Sciences” are conducted, such as the faculties of Aquatic Sciences, Fisheries, Fisheries Technology Engineering, Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Medicine, Engineering and Programs of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biology, Environment Engineering and other related Programs of Engineering Faculties and Institutes of Marine Sciences. During the workshop, researchers from diverse disciplines are going to present the results of their recent studies, share their academic background and meet with the representatives of the related sectors. With the scope of the program, experts from other countries, who were specialized on aquatic biotechnology, will be invited and give invited scientific speeches. 
With the belief on the future benefits of this workshop for the scientists working on the “Aquatic Sciences”, young researchers particularly, and for the related sectors; we declare that we will be honored to be with you in Istanbul University Faculty of Aquatic Sciences on May 10-11, 2018. 
Kind Regards, 

Organizing committee,

Workshop on Aquatic Sciences Biotechnology will be held in Istanbul University Faculty of Aquatic Sciences . We will be very happy to receive you at our workshop.
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